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Lovin’ Summer Livin’

You'd be surprised what the teachers can pack into a week. It's a wonder they actually survive the year, but, the result is happy, excited children who have progressed a great deal over the past twelve months in spite of all the difficulties which the pandemic placed in our way. [playlist type="video" ids="6788"] [gallery ids="6789,6790,6791,6792,6793,6794,6795,6796,6797,6798,6799,6800,6801,6802,6803,6804,6805,6806,6807,6808,6809,6810,6811,6812,6813,6814,6815,6816,6817,6818,6819,6820,6821,6822,6823,6824,6825,6826,6827,6828,6829,6830,6831,6832,6833,6834,6835,6836,6837,6838,6839,6840,6841"]
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Potato, Potato,Potato

As the Trinity Term draws to a close, so does the potato digging season for the Kinder students. With many thanks to Joey our gardener for making this a reality for the children, this activity has been an eye-opener for both children and adults. The children got truly connected to the earth, an experience which we hope will never leave them. The adults had a first-hand experience of just how much hard work goes into growing this often maligned vegetable. [playlist type="video" ids="6717"]
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