Early years let off steam

This week would have been Sports Day week. Alas, Covid-19 restrictions meant that the usual fun day the children used to have with parents had to be ditched as mixing households was strictly unacceptable. However the children were not deprived of their fun and games, let’s say an extended PE lesson with all the precautions in place. Suffice to say that the Medals given to the children for participation were not only repeatedly sanitised but also quarantined for 14 days. Sports master Mr Ferrante and Early Years head Miss Steph and their hard working teams worked tirelessly at seeing that the children have fun in a safe and controlled environment. One notable addition this year: not just the water bottle for children but also the individual sanitisers.

The children were trilled to be out in the bright sunshine, moving about and letting off steam. Competition comes naturally to children as does cheering. Between balancing acts and obstacle courses, races and ball control…what’s not to love?