Headmasters Message 17

Green Flag.

St Edward’s has received the invite to attend a virtual Eko-Skola ceremony to celebrate the renewal of our Green Flag!

All Eko-Skola committee members from last year will attend along with Ms. Abela. The Eko-Skola group are a very active and dedicated band of students who pro-actively promote environmental concerns. Well done to all. We will proudly fly the Green Flag at ST Edward’s.

COVID-19, teaching and lessons.

We are very conscious of maintaining our ‘bubbles’ and other protocols that are established here at SEC. We constantly remind ourselves that we need to maintain the standards, not take short-cuts and remember that we are part of the solution. There are some things that we can control, and these are our focus.

Gone are the days when a teacher might be ill and we could move replacement and substitute teachers easily around. Gone are the days when, if the numbers allowed, we could, like all schools, join classes. Gone are the days when we could move a class from one section of the building to another.

All of the above have placed constraints on the logistics of running a school. Short-cuts can be tempting but must be avoided.

Despite the many well-intentioned suggestions from parents we must all continue to place Health and Safety first. It can be frustrating when we have a class without a teacher, another teacher perhaps giving an on-line lesson to the class next door, (supervised naturally!), an LSE is out and we cannot move one into that particular bubble. The permutations are endless.

But still, we continue to strive to deliver. It is with understanding patience and cooperation of all that we will all menage to get through these exceptional times.


Today the SMT and COVID liaison officers met virtually with staff members from the Quality Assurance Department. The discussion was frank and open, focussed on what measures we have had to take to implement the protocols, the effect on learning, students and staff, adaptations we have had to make, challenges, and suggestions from us as to how we can improve.

Wishing you all a good weekend.

N. Mac an Bhaird. Headmaster.