Headmasters Message 21

Dear Community Members

Praise where praise is due.

The cooperation between students, staff and parents is impressive.

In all areas, from the collection of books and other student material, to being patient with this second online ‘start-up’, to making sure that there is no snacking during lessons, wearing of uniforms, these all contribute to St Edward’s teachers being able to continue to deliver lessons.

As I have said, please continue to exchange information if there are issues arising that need to be addressed.

COVID Liaison Officer.

We have made a change of staff here. Ms. Leanda Keith will be taking over from Mr. Peter Moore in this role. Mr. Moore has moved to School Development Planning, (SDP). The telephone number remains the same. 99353569 The email address is [email protected]

Please refer to our COVID support page for some useful pointers. https://stedwards.edu.mt/covid-19-support/

SDP – your opportunity to effect improvement at college.

Mr. Moore has taken on the mammoth task of guiding us through this project. His experience in this area is considerable. Whilst we do have an SDP I feel that this can be improved. We will use the model of the NEASC model, https://www.neasc.org/overview/standards .

Both Mr. Moore and I have had experience with several models in different countries. Our belief is that this model, with its emphasis on learning, will aid us in improving education at St Edward’s.

The model requires input and involvement from all stakeholders, students, all staff, parents and the Board of Governors.

I must emphasise that any SDP is a living, changing document – it does not have an end date but a continuous cycle of reflection, review, and change.

To date we have had questionnaires out to all of our community. These are being analysed, data collected and from this we can build and identify our priorities.

Last week I circulated the response analysis and the individual responses to all parents.

What I am asking now is that parents let us know what YOU feel our priorities must be. Your ‘Top 3’, please!

There will be many meetings, back and forth with ideas and suggestions, and you will be regularly informed of progress.

The process will be open and transparent.


N. Mac an Bhaird. Headmaster.