Headmaster’s Message 23

Good Afternoon All,


I found it very amusing over the past days where our boys and girls, in the Early Years especially, abandoned parents and sprinted in to meet their teachers. Separation anxieties seem to have been more on the side of parents. All staff were overjoyed to see our students return, we truly missed them.

Open Areas

We are extremely fortunate at college to have so much space. I had the pleasure of watching Ms. Brown hold singing lessons outdoors, all boy seated at a very safe distance. In another section Mr. Baldacchino was holding a lesson for MFF students.

Summer/winter uniforms

More to follow on this. For the time being we are still in COVID winter uniform, tracksuits.


And finally, some housekeeping matters.

Drop Off and Pick Up.

Please be reminded that the drop off at the Zabbar gate is a ‘Drop and Drive’/Kiss and Ride’ area. Please do not park in the area outside the gate designated for coaches and vans.

Online or in college.

Thank you to all the parents who let us know whether your child will be online or physically at college. This helps considerably with teacher planning, both in terms of lesson delivery but also in terms of options for seating in our various classrooms.

Unless we have a valid reason students cannot show up on some days and be absent the next few.

COVID protocols are applied for the benefit of all of us.

N. Mac an Bhaird