HM's Weekly Message


Friday 28 February 2020

Dear Parents and Community members,

Filming crew at St Edward’s College
L-Ispettur Bonnici

Based on the book written by Mario Philip Azzopardi L-Ispettur Bonnici sees Mario Micallef, in the role of L- Ispettur (Inspector) Bonnici in a drama adapted for TV by PBS. The work was originally presented as a play at the Manoel Theatre last year. Part of the filming happened over this past break at SEC, can you spot which part? Have alook at the following and I am sure you’ll get an idea..

New Look JS Library and more…

I have had several complimentary comments regarding the new decking outside our JS library which has prompted me to write the following. The decking was very much a joint effort by the experts Mr. Axiaq, Sr and Mr. Axiaq, Jr, (Guiz and Alan respectively), a couple of teachers (who wish to remain anonymous) and 3 students who were lucky enough to be passing by at the time the works were in progress.

St Edward’s is perhaps the best school I have been to where we have abundant space to have outdoor lessons, reading spaces, activities (potatoes are in the ground … and growing, Mr. Desira, aka ‘Joey’) and areas where parents can view sports and other activities in shade whilst drinking iced tea and eating cucumber sandwiches

What I would dearly like is for us, the SEC community, to take advantage of the unique grounds we have. Already I have sourced gazebos (4m x4m) where we can have lessons, several benches/picnic tables which we can place in the wooded area next to the track (for the iced tea and cucumber sandwiches, (ftira?)) whilst parents watch the activities.

What I am missing is the financial resource, ‘flus’ (£, $, €, ¥, plastic also accepted...). All monies that we receive at SEC are spent on more ‘practical’ areas that impact students, lab’ equipment, posters, renewing curricular resources, salaries, PD, revamping the JS (more to follow), maintenance, (boring stuff?) to mention but a few.

Should you wish to know more details please get in touch. We have, without a doubt, an incredible school with space that is the envy of many a Headmaster!

Here I also include a more invisible part of the work for the JS Library. Books do not sort and stack themselves. The photos show several more staff members who are giving of their time (outside of any job description) to improve the learning for your children.

Kudos to all members of staff who see where we are going and are committed to moving SEC from ‘Good to Great’.

SEC and Covid 19.

  • We recommend that if your child is sick please do not send him/her to school.
  • We suggest you call the Malta Corona Helpline 2132 4086 as a first step if you have any doubts.
  • We will follow our established protocols when children with sickness symptoms (runny noses, cold, sneezing, cough, fever etc.), arrives at school.
  • We will:
    • Withdraw the child from the class
    • Parents will be contacted to collect the child
  • We know we will have your cooperation and it is highly appreciated. These measures are being taken for the well-being of the whole school community.
  • As per our protocols any child who is absent for more than 3 days will only be allowed to return once a medical certificate is presented.
  • We are asking you to give your children hand-sanitizers/disinfectant wipes. (we do have these in college but they seem to be very popular in some sections and are disappearing, literally) We do have these placed around all areas of the school however we encourage all students to have their own.
  • Teachers, especially with the younger ones, will during the school day periodically remind students to wipe/wash their hands.
  • We have placed around college visuals and reminders instructions of effective hand washing.
  • Please take this opportunity to teach our students how to wash their hands properly -
  • All classrooms, desks and chairs are disinfected on a daily basis with Dettol and the floors are being washed with bleach.
  • We have contacted the Ministry for Health and asked for a speaker to do a Q and A on real news and fake news and instead of reading circulars, be available to speak and answer any questions from parents. (I do know that the department is exceptionally busy these days. You will be informed if they can honour our request)
  • We will continue to be in touch with the health authorities for the latest updates.
  • The school will be avoiding all indoor gatherings, assemblies, mass, concerts/plays etc.
  • Planned activities/events will be cancelled or postponed, if this is an option. Parents, teachers and students will be informed accordingly.
  • We encourage you all, especially the children to eat more fruit and vegetables, and to drink a lot of water, as this helps with boosting the immune system.


I’d like to thank all of our staff for their professionalism and maintaining a calm and sensible approach to this situation. We have several teachers in self quarantine, their colleagues are doing Trojan work to ensure that the impact on learning is kept to a minimum. I would also like to thank parents who might have to take time off work in order to stay with a child whilst the quarantine period is over.

If ever there was a time where we all must work together for the common good it is now.

N. Mac an Bhaird (HM)