Summer is here

Summer School.

You will have seen the advertisements for what is turning out to be a very exciting and well planned St Edward’s Summer school. If needed you can get more information at

SummersSchool [email protected]

Intent to Return.

All guardians and parents were sent this form a week or so ago. The deadline was today. As I indicated, this information helps us plan for the coming year in terms of general resources and staffing. We are also conscious of class sizes and right now we are considering whether to open 2 new classes in one particular year group. We have already planned for an extra class in another year group.

Summer is here!

One of the great advantages that college offers to staff and students is the space. This week saw a marked increase in lessons being carried on outdoors. Reading, mathematics, drama and music were just some of what I observed this past week.

Crazy Pattern Day.

A sincere thank you to all the parents with such vivid, crazy imaginations! EYs and JS boys and girls showed off their designs and mismatches with pride. I felt jealous with my battledress on, tie and suit…

PD Day

We are still distilling the information from the past PD day. There will be one more planned before we break up for the summer holidays. I do hope that we will be able to involve parents in some way shape and form whilst still abiding by COVID guidelines. More later.

Have a good weekend.