Random Acts of
Kindness Week in 6Y

Friday 6 March 2020

Random Acts of Kindness week 2020 commenced on February 17th, giving us as a class seven heart-warming days of giving back to those special people in our lives and also to people we do not know very well.

We started by considering what kindness means to us and this showed us how different and special we all are because each one of us had different thoughts and ideas. We prepared collage hearts and gave them to another boy in our class for display as well as making a token of friendship and appreciation for the boys of 5Y which we gave to them at the end of the day.

Each boy in 6Y had a challenge, for that whole week they had an act of kindness to share either at home, at school or in their local community. Some boys choose to openly share their acts of kindness whilst others quietly shared their love and appreciation – both were acknowledged as all included being kind and caring.

One of our activities involved trying to smooth a wrinkled heart, ‘Before you speak think smart, it’s hard to fix a wrinkled heart!’ We watched a video called Chrysanthemum about a little mouse who felt sad at school because the other mouse children laughed at her name, each time someone said or did something mean we creased or wrinkled our hearts and with kind words and actions we tried to un-crease the hearts and make them new again. We concluded that we should think before we speak because even an apology afterwards cannot erase the memories of the unkind acts.

Each boy in class signed our class heart to show that they are willing to think before they speak and be kind to each other.

In our classroom we created a random acts of kindness tree, it suits our mind set in class 6Y because all acts of kindness make us blossom and bloom into beautiful, developing individuals.

We are always self-evaluating and reflecting on our actions, each week we will have time to reflect on whether we have been kindness bucket fillers and shown kindness to ourselves and others or bucket dippers. Bucket dippers take kind acts from others but do not really share kindness. We are always developing and trying to become bucket fillers!