Year 7s taking over their TEFL lessons

A small but very lively bunch of five enthusiastic TEFL students has taken over recent TEFL lessons. How did this happen? Well… Last week, our foreign students were exploring the nuances and intricacies of English grammar learning about the use of modal verbs. After analysing numerous examples and doing some practical activities, it was high time to check their real understanding of the topic. For this reason, Ms Zaneta – their TEFL teacher – presented them with a challenge of creating a Kahoot quiz for the whole group. The students didn’t have to be asked twice! Divided into two teams, they got down to work instantly creating, inventing and coming up with their own ideas in order to check the other group’s knowledge.

In effect, they created a tricky quiz composed of 14 questions which they willingly played during their next lesson on Monday. Even though, the questions were created by the students themselves, they still had a lot of fun playing it. In fact, giving them autonomy and more freedom had a brilliant effect as they were far more motivated and eager to succeed. Undoubtedly, the knowledge acquired in this particular lesson will surely remain.