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Headmasters Message 21

Dear Community Members Praise where praise is due. The cooperation between students, staff and parents is impressive. In all areas, from the collection of books and other student material, to being patient with this second online ‘start-up’, to making sure that there is no snacking during lessons, wearing of uniforms, these all contribute to St

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Year 5

Death masks made from clay in year 5 History.

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Year 8

During their English lesson, Ms Anabel Laus’s Year 8 students got to read Percy Jackson in the sun for the last time before going on lock-down, while the online students participated via Teams.

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Headmasters Message 20

Afternoon All, There is a lot I can write but just to let you know we will do all possible to ensure that we continue to strive to provide a quality and caring education to our students, your children. Globally we are ready. There will be individual situations that we hope you will inform us