Year 11s Graduate from St Edward’s College

As the Summer term drew to a close, the students in Year 11 came to the end of their obligatory schooling. To be sure, no one who wants to make headway will stop their schooling short at the age of 16, but, their years at St Edward’s were up. Most of these boys have been with us since they were tiny tots, scampering around and getting up to all sorts. Now they are fully-fledged young men, ready to take their place in the world and ready to work for the goals they consider to be important. Speaking to these young men one realises the wide gamut of interests and aspirations they harbour. From the traditional professions such as law and architecture to communications and IT, these young men are rearing to show the world that they are the leaders the school and their parents groomed them to be.

We wish them well in their endeavours.