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Geography exams on the horizon

As the school year slowly but surely approaches the end, inevitably, exams too loom over the horizon. This past year has been difficult for everyone, teachers and children as well as parents. However, in true Edwardian fashion we have soldiered on. The Year 10s are revising for their Geography option with Mr Caruana Smith. This video is a joy to see, where, in spite of the distancing and all the measures which need to be taken, the boys are spot on with coming up with the answers themselves. As a teacher, Mr Caruana Smith prods and guides until the students achieve satisfactory targets. "The boys are more than capable of linking up one process or concept with the next in sequence," said Mr Caruana Smith, noting that the students were also working individually due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Normally, said Mr Caruana Smith, this kind of student-centred revision is done in groups, where it is much more effective. The teacher is not 'the source' of information, but more 'a guide'. Using the principles of Teach, Understand, Learn, over the preceding school years, our boys become more than capable of building upon their own knowledge by thinking, understanding and learning, applying knowledge and experience to new concepts. [playlist type="video" ids="6287"]
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