A year like no other

To say that this past academic year was like no other is an understatement!  We have all had to navigate through uncertain times. There was no instruction booklet nor manual that we could pull off the shelf to guide us, we simply had to face what was in front of us.

Different people coped in different ways, some better than others and we will be more prepared for the coming year. There are still many questions as to how college and all schools will operate.

This year we used online teaching alongside classroom teaching.  As we prepare for the next scholastic year there remain many uncertainties, many of which will be out of our hands. We will control the things we can and deal with whatever we are presented with.

Plan ‘A’ is based on next year being more of a ‘normal’ year with all students back in college with no online lessons.

Contingency plans are in place but for the moment I look forward to seeing all students back in college.

As we progress through the summer, we will re-evaluate the situation and will keep parents and students informed.

I wish to thank all staff, parents, and students for really making what were often impossible situations, work.

Wishing you all a very good summer.