Endings and beginings

As we approach the end of the year, our eyes are firmly fixed on the upcoming scholastic year. This year is already an improvement. This time last year, when it came to planning, we felt like we were surrounded in a pea-souper, not knowing what was just ahead of us. This year is better but we are still not out of the woods.

Orientation packages

The orientation packages to parents will be sent digitally in the first half of July. These will contain basic information which will not be affected by any COVID-19 measures which will need to remain in place. We will always follow and abide by the instructions of the Health Authorities. However, in order to make the lives of parents easier, general information will be sent out. As always the caveat remains: the information may need to be modified if new procedures need to be put in place.

Teaching Staff

Our community, including the teaching staff, has been through the mill this year and I would like to join you all in this opportunity to thank them for all the painstaking efforts they have made to ensure that our children do not miss out on the learning experience. They have put in the time, effort and considerable doses of creativity. This has enabled them to adapt technology to their needs, to adapt it in such a way that their charges receive the best education possible and finally to try to bridge the solitude which the pandemic inflicted on all, including our youngest. So, a big well done all.

On a separate note, we are also in the process of increasing and replacing the staff complement. Regrettably, some teachers are leaving either through retirement or moving abroad. We thank them and wish them all the luck in the world. Watch this space for new additions to the staff.

Summer School

School’s (soon) out for summer as the song goes but Summer School is also soon in. We have had a massive response from parents. We take this as an affirmation of the appreciation of the rigour of the Covid procedures we have in place. Lots of exciting activities planned for this, the down-time period for students.