Headmasters Message 18

Good afternoon.

Vaccination and St Edward’s.

This afternoon teachers at SEC began receiving appointments for their vaccination. The vaccinations will not all occur at the same time and are spread out over a week with different teachers from different section receiving them on different days. The date for the second vaccination, if this is part of that particular vaccine’s need, are also listed.

Adverse reaction to vaccine is reported to be happening to those under 50 years of age.

Once we start receiving the vaccinations there will be some members of staff who will call in sick. This we will monitor day by day and keep parents informed.

This is good news, finally we are, hopefully, in the light at the end of the tunnel.

Don’t worry. PH are working very efficiently, we’ll all get it soon.

End of Day Procedures.

We have always identified this as one of our weaknesses for our COVID-19 protocols. Despite our best efforts we knew that there must be a better solution.

These past 2 days we have had the boys board the transport immediately after being dismissed from lessons. This has resulted in a quicker exit from college and a safer situation for everybody.

COVID cases.

I have just come from the weekly meeting with the Director of Public Health. You’ll probably hear this on the news. The number of cases today is due to a change in the collection of data. ‘Rapid tests’ which were not to date included are in these figures, hence the significant increase.

Compassion Fatigue

Another term that has emerged. It sums up what we are all going through. In essence it means that we are becoming short of patience. We have tried to be sympathetic to the stories of those around us, listening attentively and offering sympathy. Now we, whether we want to admit it or not, have had enough! ‘I have my own anxieties, concerns, worries, sort your own problems out!’

Let us all stay calm and know that everyone is carrying their own burden. Only together with kindness, patience and understanding will we get there.

N. Mac an Bhaird