Headmaster’s Message
#2 20/21

Friday 16 October 2020

Dear Community Members, 

We can all be part of the solution!

The number of COVID cases continues to rise. As I have said on numerous occasions, ‘We will control the things we can and those we cannot, we cannot’.

This is not the time to panic but to be sensible. In college we have gone to great lengths to ensure a minimal risk of transmission, scheduled hand washing, 2m spacing and the wearing of masks are the three universal behaviours that we have promoted.

I am asking you all now to respect what you as parents have asked us to do. When children leave college we no longer can control social distancing, hygiene regularity nor the wearing of masks in the company of others. This is your responsibility, sleep overs, parties, anniversaries – if we all follow the rules we will all be better off!

Please for the sake of yourselves and all of us, continue to be reasonable and sensible.

The Location of St Edward’s College

Florence Nightingale was a firm believer in fresh air as a means of battling infections. St Edwards was built using her design principles, hence the wind that whistles through the building at certain times of the year.

As we all know fresh air helps keep Covid 19 at bay. When teachers enter a classroom in they are conscious that leaving the windows open to allow fresh air to circulate

As it begins to get a little cooler perhaps now is the time to dig out our thermals and put on a few thinner layers, which our physics colleagues will tell us is a better way to keep warm than one thick jumper.

True nursing ignores infection, except tp prevent it. Cleanliness, fresh air from open windows, are the only defence a true nurse either asks or needs.” Florence Nightingale Notes on Nursing 1859

Drop off in the Morning KG and Nursery. All others to the front of any queue.

I must say I am impressed with the behaviour of students and parents during the morning drop off! Especially with the distancing of parents who are awaiting the 08.30 entrance, all standing on the marked spots, moving along with respect for the one in front, well done. Remember all of the ‘big boys’, Year 1 to 13 can skip any queue, before 08.30 only!

Please continue to be careful. There was an instance this morning when a parent in a rush opened her car door and just missed a little one. Be like a teacher, with eyes in the back of your head!

Wishing all a very good weekend.

Mr Nollaig Mac an Bhaird