Headmaster's Message

Monday 22 June 2020

Dear Community Members, 

Mr. Watson sent the following to teachers recently.

I had some ideas for the Gazette which are encapsulated in essence in this YouTube clip. Whilst the clip was sent to parents it is without doubt applicable to parents and students alike! I have


Dear Staff,

I am very happy to say, we have approached the last two laps! The Headmaster has always said we were entering a marathon and not a sprint. The first lap is our final week of teaching and the second lap to ensure we complete the end of year. Still a bit to do, but we are almost there.

I have a video for you to watch, which I honestly believe is all about you, our fantastic, hard working, caring parents, students and teachers. The guy at the back of the race is Dave Wottle, wearing the St Edward's school cap! He never gave up, kept going, even when it looked impossible. He stuck with his beliefs and finished the last two laps in the 1972 800m final. He was a winner as ideed so are you.


Once again, thank you for all your hard work!! Almost there!

Best Regards,

Mr Watson.

Mr Nollaig Mac an Bhaird