Prof Gauci encourages youths to get ‘the jab’

On Wednesday 23rd June students will have a ‘Study Day’. Even though your child might not be taking examinations there will be no children at college. On this day we will have our second SDP Day.

Planning 21/22

Apart from the planning for staffing, the SDP and knowing which students will be with us next year (ballots can be cruel) I am in touch with the Department of Education and the Director of Public Health on possible scenarios for the coming academic year.

We meet each Friday when Professor Gauci brings us up to date on developments and trends.

The main points brought up this past Friday were.

  1. The pandemic is still with us. Numbers are down largely to the behaviour of the population, social distancing, masks, and frequent washing of hands are the cornerstones. Limiting gatherings and adhering to the guidelines issued by PH continue to be critical to curtailing the spread of the virus.
  2. The possible options for schools in terms of the distance, head-to-head, between students for the coming academic year.
  3. Form 6! (Years 12 and 13 at college). This is the age group where the spread of the virus continues to pose a threat. The good news is, and here Professor Gauci pleaded with us, injections for this cohort started rolling out from this past Monday, May 17th. If your child in in this age bracket, please encourage them strongly to get the ‘jab’!

School/Class photos

Our School photographer, Mr Stilon, will be taking class and individual photos of boys attending college, starting from this next Monday 24th May.

Please make sure your son is smart and wearing full summer uniform.

Hair should be short in keeping with the school regulations.

The photographs will be available for order and purchase later in the term.

New staff

You will see on media outlets, including the St Edward’s webpage, that we have opened applications for staff for the coming year. We have three retirements and four teachers moving abroad. We are also opening another Year 1 class. Should numbers continue to increase we will open other classes as we wish to maintain our excellent student to teacher ratios.