Industrial Art and Product Design
in Year 8 Art Lesson

Wednesday 2 December 2020

During these past 2 Art Lessons the year 8 students learnt about Industrial Art and Product Design. This is an important topic because it unites creativity with functionality. It also makes students think about their future careers and how Art can be paired up with Business Studies, Computer Studies, Marketing etc...

The task was to create a Watch. The students had to think about their customer, material, functions, appearance and even price range. The design had to be neat and precise. Mathematical skills of geometry and symmetry had to be employed.

After designing, the students had to "pitch" their watches to the rest of the class.

Some watches that stood out included: a microchip watch that enables you to see the time directly projected in your eye; a watch made out of dragon scales, a watch from Mars that can tell time on different planets as well as a watch with a laser pointer and a camera embedded in the dial.