Revision 9X

Present tenses revision for the progress test with English 9X


On a sunny November morning, the students of Year 9X took part in an interesting revision lesson to consolidate their knowledge of present tenses, prepositions and phrasal verbs. First, focused and full of concentration, they listened to a love song by Madonna ‘Take a bow’ which, then, they willingly performed putting their hearts and souls into this performance, as can be seen in the videos J In the second part of the lesson, they played ‘Betting Grammar Game’ in groups where their task was not only to complete the activities, but also make bets on each example. The bets were quite original ones as the students were betting chicken nuggets! After a few rounds of tasks, in which five online students took an active part, communicating with each other via especially created channels on Teams, the nuggets were counted and the results announced. Clearly an enjoyable grammar review.