Waging war on microplastics

On Friday 7th May, the Eko-Skola Committee some Yr 8 students, staff members and IB ESS students were treated to an online workshop via MS Teams thanks to PROJECT IMPACT. The online workshop was carried out by Mr Juan J Bonello, a senior lecturer within the Institute of Applied Sciences at MCAST. Together with Nature Trust Malta, Zibel and the AquaBioTech Group, they are currently working on a project which deals with microplastics: Identifying Microplastic Hotspots in the Maltese Water (IMPACT).

Project IMPACT will seek to identify microplastic hotspots found in Maltese waters, along with characterising this pollutant, thereby filling a vital knowledge gap. This knowledge will serve to better understand the distribution and potential impact of microplastics and provide some insight on the types of industries that could be targeted for transformation in their practices.

One of the most important aspects of this project is raising awareness on microplastics.