Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) Honorable Mention

Monday 12 October 2020

Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) Honorable Mention

Last year the Eko-Skola students took part in the YRE Litter Less Campaign. They aimed at investigating the problem of waste with special reference to plastic in our seas. They hosted a Clean Up at St Thomas Bay and even did some investigation at the Birgu Waterfront. Unfortunately, their project could not be fully fulfilled, nonetheless, they continued to work even whilst at home and went on walks to monitor the St Thomas Bay area. They took photos and wrote posts to raise awareness about the waste left in this well frequented area. 

Their series of investigative photos entitled 'Bench with a View' won the local YRE Litter Less Campaign 'Series of Photos' Category and also received an Honourable Mention with the International YRE Jury. This project was done with the financial support of Nature Trust Malta, Eko-Skola and YRE Litter Less who sponsored the Eko-Skola Committee with a Video and Photo Camera.

This year, the Committee is already coming up with new plans to keep Eko-Skola alive and join in new exciting campaigns whilst being socially distanced and respecting health and safety protocols. 

Please find hereunder the photos of 'Bench with a View' and the Committee's write up!

"Bench with a View" - Photo by SEC Eko-Skola Committe

Strolling around St Thomas Bay is a treat. The salt, the fresh air blowing in your hair and everywhere there are benches to sit and enjoy the view of the sea.

But what is the view from this bench? On a Monday afternoon, after the weekend, near this bench all you could see was rubbish! Pizza box, wrappers, beer cans and soft drink bottles.

Why? The Maltese should be 'staying home' but some people are still going out and eating their 'take-aways' out in the fresh air. What they are NOT doing is disposing of their litter properly! All that rubbish can easily blow away in the sea!

The disgrace of it all?

The Kunsill Lokali Marsaskala - Marsaskala Local Council have installed bins near EVERY BENCH! As you can see from the last photo, there are bins everywhere so there is NO excuse not to dispose of the waste generated properly! You hardly have to walk 5 steps!

Thumbs Up for the Local Council of Marsascala who - Have signs, bins for waste and for dog poo too and who are trying to keep the area safe and clean!

Thumbs Down to the general public who seem to learn one thing one day and forget basic things such as 'putting rubbish in the bin' the next!