St Edward’s College questions Covid restrictions on schools

Three banners have been hung on the main gates at St Edward’s College:



IT’S CorONa virUS

St Edward’s College has, over the past months and now years, adhered strictly to all COVID-19 protocols. Together with schools in Malta, it has enforced stringent rules on mask-wearing, social distancing, converted every nook and cranny into classroom spaces to ensure the stipulated distances between desks, wiped, sanitized, fumigated, quarantined, fever-tested and taught online…and whatever else was required – all to keep the children safe.

St Edward’s College feels that most of the work carried out by schools across the country is appreciated, in a general way. What is not known is the full range of complexities of ensuring that the details are adhered to, each student, each class, each lesson, every hour, every day, every month, – for the past two years.

The virus is still here, it is imperative that all sections of our collective community, continue to keep this to the front of our minds. Collective caution, and abiding by the basic requirements issued by PH, has stood us well in the past  and led to numbers falling dramatically.

Complaining about the rise in numbers, when we are all a factor in their rise or fall does not help.

“St Edward’s College, like so many schools across the nation, has always adhered strictly to the directions of the Public Health. We have done this for two reasons: firstly, to safeguard our students and the wider St Edward’s community and secondly, out of respect for the directives issued by the Superintendent of Public Health, who has guided the country so well. The Superintendent has had to make difficult decisions, often unpopular decisions”.

“We would like to remind everyone that schools across all sectors are doing their bit to protect your children, our students, but we should not be alone in this. Schools do not exist in their own bubble”, said the Headmaster of St Edward’s College, Nollaig Mac an Bhaird. He added that the College, like all schools, businesses, sports organisations, each and every person in the country, have a part to play in defeating this virus.  “We are all very tired of this virus and the restrictions we have had to endure, but only collectively, will we manage to get those numbers heading in the direction we want,” concluded Mr Mac an Bhaird.