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Summer Schoolers learn to put out fires

<code></code> <div style="padding: 75% 0 0 0"><iframe style="width: 100%;height: 100%" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe></div> As a continuation of the Health and Safety theme, the children were visited by the Civil Protection Department who presented one of the fire engines. The firefighters talked about safety measures and made sure that children remember 112 as an emergency number. For the youngest children, it was a very exciting visit as they could become like one of their favourite characters - Fireman Sam. The best part of the day was learning how to handle the fire hose and sitting behind the wheel of the fire engine.
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Lovin’ Summer Livin’

You'd be surprised what the teachers can pack into a week. It's a wonder they actually survive the year, but, the result is happy, excited children who have progressed a great deal over the past twelve months in spite of all the difficulties which the pandemic placed in our way. [playlist type="video" ids="6788"] [gallery ids="6789,6790,6791,6792,6793,6794,6795,6796,6797,6798,6799,6800,6801,6802,6803,6804,6805,6806,6807,6808,6809,6810,6811,6812,6813,6814,6815,6816,6817,6818,6819,6820,6821,6822,6823,6824,6825,6826,6827,6828,6829,6830,6831,6832,6833,6834,6835,6836,6837,6838,6839,6840,6841"]
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