3rd Economic Package Announcement

Wednesday 25 March 2020

Good Afternoon All,

Last night the Prime Minister announced his 3rd and latest economic package for the country. There is nothing in any of them to support independent schools. The Independent Schools Association, ISA, have and will continue to approach the government to address this.

Much and all as I hesitate I want to be clear about the following;

Our salaries are paid by parents. All monies that we receive go towards salaries, resources, maintenance, cleaning and generally keeping the school running.

We are a not-for-profit school. No dividends, profits are paid to any Board members, individuals or group of individuals.

I and all of us, need to do our bit to ensure an excellent service to our children. If we continue to provide the service that we are currently giving we will retain students.

Parents will keep their child at St Edward’s and enroll their children for the coming years because they know that our teachers and all staff are dedicated, caring and have risen to the current challenges.

Some of the major issues brought to us by parents were;

  • Too many different emails, announcements coming from different teachers – hence, for Year 7 to 13, from Monday 30th March, use the MySchool VLE.
  • This negates the need for announcements.
  • Send weekly topics to be covered.
  • Be sure to send assignments to be handed in on any given day the day before, preferably before 6.30pm.
  • Our main platforms are; MySchool, (including the VLE), Zoom, (live or recorded lessons), Class Dojo.
  • If you are using others please continue doing so.
  • Children in the Early Years and Junior School want to see teacher’s faces or at a minimum hear your voices, this will create a sense of comfort and interaction with the younger students.
  • If you notice that any given student is not reacting/participating, please contact the Head of Section and s/he will follow up.
  • Overload for parents; in the work/assignments you send be sure to, where it is feasible, have a ‘Core’ part (minimum required work) and an 'Extended' part.
  • When possible be flexible with deadlines.
  • Stay sane!

Questions please contact me!

Have a good one.


Mr Nollaig Mac an Bhaird