A grand opening to the month of flowers

What follows is Headmaster Nollaig Mac An Bhaird’s take on the Spring Fete organised by the College on the 1st of May (Click here)

This is what we were all waiting for.

The day was fast approaching, the St Edward’s Fête! A day when we could joyfully, but respectfully, enjoy each other’s company in a happy, united, family occasion.

When the concept was first put to me many months ago I had plenty of questions and concerns, as, at that point, COVID restrictions were rigid and strict. Preparations began, the vision began to take shape, Ms. Debono ably abetted by her colleagues, kept moving, step by step, to make what seemed the impossible, happen. Months changed to weeks, weeks changed to days, COVID restrictions issued by PH were being reduced. The calculated risk we took months before in daring to organise such a massive event with the then regulations looked like it would pay off.

However, as the days turned into hours, a new concern struck: the weather! Never were the weather apps on our mobile devices so assiduously consulted and prayers to Up Above submitted with such fervor.

As the day of the fête dawned, grey and overcast, the rain remained hanging, except for a few stray drops and all was well with the world. If the sun in the sky remained hidden, it was, however, fully beaming from the faces of those who attended the St Edward’s College Spring fête. Children milling around, a huge turnout of families, a beaming Mayor, stately horses, sprightly music, a marvellous lawn for chilling, gorgeous food, fantastic presents…a winning mix of ingredients which made for a day to remember.

My heartfelt thanks goes to all those who organised and participated in the Spring Fête. A little or a great input, no matter—it all counts as an ingredient to the creation of a great day. People attending perhaps gave the greatest compliment to St Edward’s for daring to dream:

‘When is the next event!’

And this will not be the one and only!

(Reproduced from Dwardu’s Scoops)