Edward's Thoughts - One last one before summer

Monday 22 June 2020

I am sure that you have all forgotten me and I am beginning to wonder if you will ever come back.  You must all be planning trips to the beach and other fun summer things that you do. Do you ever think of the fun you had here running around my corridors and grounds with your friends?

With you all gone I have been thinking about some of the young rascals that used to walk, rather run, around these places that you all know so well.  One particular story I remember is from the time when the school was fully boarding.  At that time there were some of the boys whose families weren't in Malta who chose to stay at school during the holidays rather than go and stay with friends.  They loved the fact that they had the school to themselves and could go into places that were normally off limits to them.  The explored every nook and cranny of the building, grounds and the surrounding area.  They loved to go to a local cafe to eat hobza, drink Fanta and smoke cigarettes (a very nasty habit and was punishable if caught).  They had a great time but as can happen when people are not fully occupied, they did some things that got them into trouble.

This particular incident occurred during one of holidays and concerned a group of friends all staying at school. One of them had found that there was a gap in the fence that allowed them access to a compound beyond the bastions. So, they decided to explore this new space they had found. To begin with, they crept around cautiously in case there was anyone around.  After a while they became bolder as they realised that it was abandoned and they had a whole new play area to themselves.  Looking around they found a series of huts that they decided to investigate. Some of the huts were locked but others were open giving them access to a whole world of goodies. Inside these huts they found boxes of army uniforms, boots, helmets, water canteens and lots of other army surplus supplies.  They spent hours in the compound and took a lot of things that didn't belong to them, which was very naughty of them. 

When the term restarted other boys found out about what they had done and they too started to slip out of school and pay a visit to the huts.  They removed things from the huts including a two-way radio. Eventually some of the boys were caught and some names were given up. The school decided to do a search of the boys' things to find the other culprits. All were discovered two were expelled from the school and all the others were caned, back then teachers could physically punish students.

Well that has worn me out so now I will take a nap, take care of yourselves and please don't forget me.