Living history with the Year 2s

Going to school may be very much the groan of the day for children. Most children anyway. For these Year Twos, this week was special: they travelled back in time. No, they were not accompanied by The Doctor and they did not go in any TARDIS. They were transported back in time on the college grounds by Mr Dean Galea Pellicano. For all concerned it was, in all senses, a marvellous adventure.

In a two hour tour of the college, the very same steps the children shoot up every day, the same paths they run on cross-country, the same spaces they take their breaks in became transformed into bastions, hospitals and gun emplacements. What today is a shrine of peace, the chapel was once an arsenal of destruction: a gunpowder magazine. Classes, they got to know, were wards and people dressed quite differently then.

During this field trip the children not only followed attentively what Mr Galea Pellicano was saying, but they avidly consulted the handout he had prepared.