The start of the year in our
Early Years classes

Thursday 15 October 2020

We are so proud of our Early Years classes as they really have settled down very well. Being the youngest bunch in College, they still managed to adjust to the new changes and abide by what is required. They are enjoying their days making new friends and building a solid relationship with the teaching teams.

Nursery classes continue to settle in as they now look forward to activities and are already asking 'what's next?' They are exploring their new resources and even engaged in a cleaning exercise (washing animal toys) to learn about hygiene and washing up. Working on their fine motor skills and turn taking skills they are discovering their new surroundings and getting accustomed to the routine.

Year 1Y kicked off their science learning with an experiment involving food colouring, liquid dish soap and milk. The students learnt that when liquid dish soap is added to milk with drops of food colouring on the surface, the soap reduces the surface tension of the milk and reacts with the fat. Thus, this interaction causes the fat particles in the milk to move and create swirls of colour. Science is truly magical! It goes without saying that the boys were mesmerized. 

Meanwhile, Year 2Y participated in an art lesson which had them hunting down leaves as part of their science topic about plants. The boys listened to a story about squirrels and learnt fun facts on the creatures and afterwards they created their own using the fallen leaves from within our College gardens. The results are truly beautiful.