The conquest of space in Kinder

Space and Construction do not often go together, except that at St Edward’s College, in the kinder groups, they were the source of learning and fun.


KG2Z pupils transformed their classroom as they became astronauts this week and held a rocket experiment. The class helped set up and then watched as the rockets shot off from one chair to the next. Some rockets made it further than others and the pupils counted down ‘blast off’ as well as discussed what was taking place. Following the experiment, they used their fine motor skills for a cross curricular activity. Using pegs, they placed their literacy stars around the rockets for a role play session as they revised their letter sounds. What a wonderful way to learn!

Little builders

KG2Y pupils absolutely loved working together and using all the construction resources in class. It was an absolute joy to sit in and observe their play as they included one another, debated ideas, shared resources and came up with creative structures. The structures tended to reflect their weekly learning as they recreated scenarios presented through class discussions. Sometimes, the structures tumbled down (which was also great fun) but the children were observed to quickly recollect the building blocks and start again, learning from their previous mistakes.

We are so proud of their collaborative learning.