Undergraduates in the university of life

As parents and educators, we set great store by formal learning. Indeed, that is a measurable quantum that benchmarks achievement for our children. It is a good thing, to be sure. However, there are other aspects of learning which are not taught in a formal way but are nonetheless crucial. Aspects such as fairness, sharing, leading and following, inclusion, helping, observing, politeness. These and many many more are not taught in lessons, although they do come up all the time as well. Most of the time these aspects are predominant at playtime. This was one of the major drawbacks, and a very serious one, which COVID-19 posed to children – it deprived them of their stage in learning at the University of Life.

Thankfully, we are now moving out of that phase. Indeed, because the grounds permit ample social distancing, we also managed to take some photos of children without masks. It was a joy to observe our young ones mingle and mix, interacting healthily, grouping and re-grouping, making new friends and greeting the ‘old’.