Up, up and away

There are times when the contrast between the world of adults and that of children contrasts sharply. Flying a kite in adult language takes on a very different meaning to the sheer joy that oozes out of these pictures.

KG2W students created their own kites in class and then had the chance to run outside to fly them. The children enjoyed observing how the bird kites picked up the wind which then carried them up, up and away. The students observed directions and height as they all manipulated their kite to go this way and that way. Their laughter and enthusiasm could be heard across as they ran around freely enjoying the beautiful day.

Kite flying 1 Kite flying 2 Kite flying 3 Kite flying 4 Kite flying 5 Kite flying 6 Kite flying 7 Kite flying 8 Kite flying 9 Kite flying 10