Headmaster’s Message
#1 20/21

Friday 9 October 2020

Dear Community Members, 

After what has been a demanding few months culminating in these 2 weeks of ‘stress teasing’ I can happily say that the stress is lessening! Boys are showing the discipline of Edwardians, it is heartening to see boys, as the last days went by, adhering to the 2m rule, in the vast majority of cases! Cleaning of desks and chairs at the end of a lesson has also been taken up in a responsible manner by the students.

Allocating particular sections of college to year groups in order to reduce movement has been a great success. It is also resulting in some very fit teachers.

We are all settling in as we had to get accustomed to new habits. I’d like to applaud all, SEC staff, students and parents for the manner in which we all adapted to and adopted SCUP. (Safety, Cooperation, Understanding, Patience).

We still have a few IT issues but we are aware of these and are tackling them.

St Edward’s Day, Tuesday October 13th

Please find below departure times for half days at St Edward`s College. The first half day we have on our calendar is Tuesday the 13th of October, however this will apply for all the half days listed throughout the year.

  • Younger boys (those who normally finish at 1400hrs): Vans/coaches will leave college at 1230hrs.
  • Older boys (those who normally finish at 1530hrs): Vans/coaches will leave college at 1310hrs.
  • Pick up times


  • 12:00 pick up
  • Nursery X & Nursery Y – through big Zabbar gate
  • KG2Z & KG2W – through Zabbar small gate 
  • KG2V & KG1W- through Kalkara gate 


  • 12:10pm pick up:
  • KG2Y & KG2X – through Zabbar small gate
  • KG1Z & KG1X – through Kalkara gate


  • 12:20pmYear 1 boys through Kalkara gate 


  • KG & Year 1 vans to leave college at 12.30pm


  • 12:30pmYear 2 boys through Kalkara gate 
  • Year 2 (and rest of College) transport will leave SEC shortly after 13.00pm


Absent or present

We take attendance each morning at registration. Class attendance is also taken at the start of each lesson. If your child is absent please inform us as to the reason why. This is particularly important under the current situation as even, in an innocent situation, an absent student will lead to speculation.

A shared concern from a parent – parking/dawdling in the areas in front of the gates.

‘ …Many parents have no respect for other parents and just plonk their car in the entrance 

Obviously in view of the current COVID situation, social distancing is not an option or luxury, it’s obligatory, such incorrectly parked cars limit the space for such distancing with other parents having to stand in the middle of the road to their and the passing by driver’s danger. ..’

This concern was raised at the beginning of the week. I have seen myself that we are realising that we are ‘in this together’ and the vast majority of us are cognoscente of the fact that we all need to pull together and SCUP!

St Edward’s webpage. COVID 19 section update.

There is new information on this section which will give you useful information and an insight as to what we have implemented for college.



SCUP and parent behaviour. Fourth bullet point.

  • Live and recorded lessons are strictly for the sole use of the student in the class.
  • If a lesson is recorded, any person sharing this recording, without the express written permission of college, will be subjected to the legal consequences of doing so.
  • It is at the discretion of college, should this happen, that the student may be expelled.
  • Parents are not to interrupt, comment on, pass information on, formally or socially, to others regarding any delivery of a lesson at college.
  • If a parent has any complaint/observation regarding any lesson these are to be passed to the Head of Section with the Headmaster in copy.
  • The Head of Section and/or Headmaster will respond appropriately to the complaint/observation.
  • If the parent is not satisfied with the response then the parent and Head of Section/Headmaster is to follow the college Grievance Procedure.

Mr Nollaig Mac an Bhaird