Constructing model houses
in Year 5

Friday 14 February 2020

An exciting and engaging unit of work is currently underway during English Writing Lessons, in Year 5Y.  Students were initially introduced to a famous personage via visual media; they eventually explored the most efficacious way to construct a Biographical Recount.  In this way, the students’ writing plan has been carefully crafted to meet their own ideas and suggestions, showing how learning can be addressed through the students’ own thought and creativity, while offering our children exciting opportunities to develop mastery in language.

Helen Keller

Helen Keller was a girl born in 1880.  Before reaching the age of two, she was struck by a disease which left her both blind and deaf.  Her distraught parents did not know how to handle the situation so, in 1887, they employed Miss Anne Sullivan to help Helen.

Ms. Sullivan began to teach Helen letters, using her hands.  She eventually taught Helen that everything has a name and managed a miraculous breakthrough when she taught Helen how to spell w-a-t-e-r into her hands, as water flowed over them.  ‘Water’ was the first word Helen learnt.  From then on, Helen learnt enough language to achieve a university degree.

Helen Keller became famous and, together with Ms. Sullivan and Ms. Polly Thompson, she travelled the world, working with blind and deaf people.  She even published a book called ‘The Story of my Life’.  Unfortunately, in 1936, Anne Sullivan passed away, but this did not stop Helen from visiting soldiers who were disabled during World War II.  In 1964, President Johnson awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom in honour of her remarkable achievements.  Helen Keller died in her sleep, in 1968.

Though Helen Keller had an ufortunate life, I think that her successes offer a valuable lesson to all who get to know her amazing story.

Luca Manicaro - Year 5Y