Kensuke's Kingdom Art Project

Tuesday 16 June 2020

As part of the Kensuke's Kingdom transition unit which is done throughout Year 6 The boys were asked to create a piece of art work, inspired by the sea/natural world.

Daniel went further, creating a 3D model with video/music. Well done Daniel 👏🏻👏🏻🧡


Sea Inspired Project by Lucas Attard + his summary of the Kensuke's Kingdom

Michael Morpurgo’s book is based on a true story. It is about a family that lost their job, lost their son and dog and it is about a man stranded on an island.

The family lived a normal life in Southampton. They used to go abseiling every Sunday and Michael would play with a group called mudlarks in football. One day the parents got a phone call that they had lost both their jobs, so things had to change drastically.

After this dad had left the city and he told his wife that they had to leave as well. When they arrived at the new city, he said that they are going to sail around the world, so Michael had to be home-schooled. They set out with the train, and after a few days they were ready to leave. So, they set sail to what is coming for them. After a few months they left on their voyage something tragic happened, Michael and stella fell overboard and were stranded on an island with an old man and had to work together to survive.

and after a few months his parents had found him and was ready to go with kensuke, or so he thought. He had said that he was not coming because he needed to take care of the animals and to not say the story now but ten years later. The reason was so that they do not come looking for him and by then he would be dead.

Then the book ends with Michael going back home and not saying the story until ten years later.

Another Sea Inspired Scene by Nathan Attard
How I made the Kensuke’s Kingdom inspired Cave by Adam Caruana

When I was reading the book I was fascinated by how Kensuke kept the cave tidy and how he made it feel like a home so I wanted to recreate it.

For the cave I cut out a card board box the shape I wanted it to be. Then I made a plaster out of flour, water and brown paper to make it hard.

I made the figures out of clay and I painted them with acrylic paint. Finally I went to the beach so that I could take a picture.

Kensuke's Kindgdom book brief by Timothy Ellul

Kensuke’s Kingdom was written by Michael Murpugo. It is an adventure, drama story. It is a children’s story and the main character is a boy called Michael. The other main character is Kensuke, an old Japanese man living in a cave on an island. The story is about Michael who falls overboard from the boat ‘Peggy Sue’ with his dog Stella Artois. He ends up on an island with Kensuke who rescued him. They live on the island with orangutans until Michael’s parents come and save him.

My favourite character in the book is Kensuke because he is very smart, likes to paint pictures of himself, is very kind to Michael and treats the orangutans like his family. He is also very brave as he survived on the island by himself for many years. I think that the island is very beautiful, full of golden sand, caves, a stream, a volcano and thick, green forest with red banana and coconut trees.

I encourage children my age to read this book as I am sure they will enjoy this dramatic story!