Maps in transition

As the year slowly nears its end, the Year 6 boys are currently immersed in ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ by Michael Morpugo. Built around the story of Michael, the twelve-year-old boy who embarks on the journey of a lifetime, the book serves as a launchpad for all kinds of discussions on the changes and emotions that are mirrored in the boys’ own experience as they prepare to move on to the Middle School.

This week, after having exhausted the topic of Navigation in relation to the story, we covered Maps and the Points of the Compass. For this, we started off in class by observing what the school buildings looked like from above (with the help of online maps and modern technology). Then we headed out to the pitches, where, from a convenient vantage point, proceeded to draw our own maps of the school.

Maps Maps2 Maps3 Maps4 Maps5