Mathematical star on Youtube

We have all, in our more conservative moments, uttered the fateful words “We did it better in my day”. Perhaps sometimes we are justified. Only sometimes though, because when you see the work carried out at St Edward’s College, you start to realise that innovation yields skills which are so very useful in today’s world.

Take Oscar Serracino Inglott, for example.

This Year 3 student turned the challenge of mathematics to an opportunity. Oscar, with the help of his father, created a Youtube channel aimed at simplifying the mathematical concepts many struggle to grasp. Take multiplication for instance, the dreaded ‘Times Tables’. Using the principles of Think Understand, Learn, Oscar created a way of showing that these ‘tables’ have a reason for being, they come from somewhere. Seeing this, you can actually make sense of why three threes are nine.

Oscar presented this to his classmates and it was an eyeopener for many.

By the way, did we say that Oscar already has 5,000 subscribers to his channel?