Pirates, craters and props

This last term, the boys in year 4x had a fantastic time engaging in hands-on activities to recreate what they have learnt. During English Creative Writing, the boys had the opportunity to live the life of a pirate for a day and create their how-to videos. They then explored the Solar System during Science by making their comet and examining the impact of a meteorite by recreating a crater using flour and a small ball.

Their pirate video helped them understand narrative writing and the wonders of a captivating story.  Using pirates as the theme, the boys wrote a narrative and acted this out. They used innovative and creative ways to create their props to bring their character to life.

They then created a how-to video to show the steps of an item, action, or recipe of their liking. The boys came up with some brilliant ideas and videos. Some boys have the potential to become great chefs and inventors!