Pros and Cons of home-learning
by Year 3X students

Thursday 21 May 2020

As part of a creative writing exercise, the Year 3 boys had to write about the advantages and disadvantages of homelearning during the current situation.The boys took a keen interest in writing this article. After discussing the pros and cons during one of our Zoom lessons,  this is what they wrote.

COVID19 DAYS AT HOME – by Noah Houghton

For homework our teacher asked us to list the good and the bad things about staying at home until the virus is over.

The Good Things:

  • I love cooking, and I am helping my parents cook many good meals.
  • I have more time to play outside in the garden with my little brother and parents.
  • I have started swimming in the pool. My first swim was in April. It was freezing cold.
  • I get lots of time to play a lot family games. My favourite is Monopoly.

The Bad Things:

  • We do not know if we can go on the holiday we booked for summer to the Black Forest.
  • I miss learning at school. The zoom lessons are very short.
  • I miss seeing all my friends and my cousins
  • I miss seeing my Nannus and Nannas

School During the corona virus crisis

By Alex Mifsud (3X)

Some good things are that you spend most of the time with your family. Lessons start a bit later, which means we can sleep later. In home school we only have three lessons and we have less homework.

The bad things about being at home are that we don’t meet our friends. And also when we are at home school, I would prefer to see our teachers in real life than on a screen. The final things I really miss are subjects, break, teachers and friends.

I can’t wait to go back to school when the corona virus is over.

By Joe Mifsud (3X)

At the moment you have more time to do the things you want to do. Another good thing is that you can wake up late. In zoom school we only have three lessons so we have less homework.

Some bad things are that we don’t get to play with everyone. Some other things are that we don’t have so many lessons. The last thing I miss about school is that now we cannot see our friends a lot.

So in the end I prefer going to school much more than staying at home.

Thoughts and Feelings on School at Home by Andreas Scerri

The good thing about learning from home is being more comfortable and can do more experiments. Another good thing about not going to school is playing more with my baby sister and enjoying her more.

I am also enjoying doing art and drama with my mom. Another good thing is having more time playing with my scooter in our garden.

The bad thing about being at home is that I cannot play with my friends. When I am home I hate that I could not go on outings such as Esplora. Another bad thing of learning school from home is that I could not do races and play football on the pitches. 

Mostly I miss my teachers and classroom lots and lots.

Home Schooling during the Covid-19 by Benji Valentino

The good things about learning from home are:

  • Waking up late
  • Having more time to play
  • Have more time with Mummy and Daddy.

The bad things about learning from home are:

  • At School we are more independent
  • In class I am with my friends
  • I can play with my friends during break.

My personal opinion is that I miss my School, my teachers and my friends.

Covid Learning: Learning from home by Luca Smith La Rosa

The bad thing about learning from home is that I miss my school friends. I prefer not to have lessons in the class not on the tablet.

The good things about learning from home is I have more relaxing time, more TV, I’m playing more billiards and I play more table tennis.

Staying home means that now there are dolphins in the sea and less pollution.

HOME SCHOOLING WITH COVID-19 by Francesco Zahra 

Covid-19 started in Wuhan in China. It started spreading all around the world. Then schools started to close and children started home-schooling. I am not sure if I like home-schooling because I usually enjoy going to school.

The good thing is that I can sleep more in the morning. I have only three lessons in the morning and I finish school early. I can drink whenever I want and I can do anything before school starts. I have more time to play during the day.

The bad thing about home-schooling is that I don’t see my teacher and friends. I miss my reading lesson because I usually learn more words. I also miss science because I love learning about animals.

I enjoy my lessons on Zoom because I get to see my friends. I also enjoy spending time with my family. But I look forward to going back to school.

Home schooling during the Corona virus by Mathias Camilleri

Home schooling has its advantages and disadvantages, but from the current situation (Corona Virus) we must do our best to keep the good work while staying safe.

The good thing about being home is that I can play whenever I like. I have much more time to do my homework and the online lessons are not too long. Moreover, I can play the school games at any time I want. In the morning, I am waking up later than usual and sleeping later too. Staying at home keeps us safe from the virus. During this time, I learned that it is very important to wash my hands often. I am having much more time to spend with my family because everyone is staying home.

On the other hand, the bad things about staying home are that I do not get to see my friends and I cannot go out when I want too. I am also missing my teacher and LSE. I used to like to play computer games in the ICT room. Apart from that I miss my weekly Catechism lessons. Another thing I was looking forward was the Easter Concert.

It would have been much better if the virus was not around at all as people would be safer and I would have enjoyed the school environment as usual. Given the current circumstances it was good we could keep in touch with the online lessons.

Learning from home because of Covid-19 by Ninu Mamo 

We are in quarantine because of the Covid - 19 pandemic and all the schools are closed so we we are safe. We have now been on lockdown for six weeks so I know the good and bad things of home schooling.

The best part of home schooling is that I can play football whenever I want except when I am on zoom or doing homework. Since I am at home I can ask for help whenever I want as my parents are at home too.

Another good thing about being at home is that I can play with my brother and baby sister.

The worst part about home schooling is that we can not go out and I have missed alot of football coaching. I am also missing my friends.

Even if home schooling is exciting I dream that the doctors soon find a vaccine so that we can go out and see our friends. I miss going out and in my opinion it is better to go to school because you can see your friends.

School at Home by Adam Camilleri

The school had to close down because of the Covid-19. All schools were closed in March. Now we are all doing Zoom meetings from home.

The worst thing about Covid-19 is that we cannot go out often. There are good things about being at home and bad ones also. Since we cannot go to school, I miss my teacher Ms Attard, I miss my art lessons with Ms Lisa and my Maltese lessons with Ms Kim. I also miss my friends a lot. The good points are that we can do our homework at any time, I can wake up later than when we used to go to school.

However, I still hope that this virus will end soon so that we can go back to our normal life and routine!

The good and bad things about school at home by Zac Baldacchino Orland

The good things about staying home:

  • More time with my family,
  • I can play whenever and I want, and my day is less tiring

I learnt to appreciate all the simple things I could do before and I can no longer do.

The bad things about staying at home:

  • I don’t get to meet my teacher and friends,
  • I am not allowed to do my favourite sports in PE lessons,
  • I miss getting chicken and chips from the canteen every Wednesday,
  • I miss the school and all its space.

My COVID-19 by Jack Tonna

When COVID-19 started I didn’t worry at all. I thought it wasn’t going to harm Malta because it was only in China. Then it started in Malta and I really worried.

When I got to know we were going to stay at home I got really excited because I thought we were going to have no work. I thought we were going to be able to play Switch every day.

Just the same in COVID-19 we still have lessons on ZOOM but we have less schoolwork and homework. I got to know how to read better, I get more screen time and play online with my friends. I even learned how to play with my brother more.

The not so good things are that I can’t chat privately and I am always muted. The teacher cannot always see your hand when it is up. I miss playing with my friends on the lawn.

I prefer my normal life so much. I even had a dream about it.

There are some good things about COVID-19 but I still prefer school.