Rain, Rain and More Rain in Year 6

In Year 6 we have been looking at weather in Science, learning about convectional, relief and frontal rainfall. In Malta recently we have been reading about the weather quite frequently in the news, with the storm in the first week of January bringing an average of 13.9mm of rainfall overnight. The start of next week has been predicted to be one of the hottest days recorded in January for many years and the news has recently focussed on the increased temperature throughout 2019 and 2020 and the increased number of storms (47 storms in a year with 11 of those being in October last year).

As predicted the day of our Science experiment was dry, not a drop of rain in sight, so we decided to make rain in a jar! Both year 6 classes participated from their own classrooms and even the boys learning from home joined in and shared the fun. The water in the jar represented the moisture being evaporated by the warmth of the sun, the shaving foam being the fluffy white clouds up in the sky and the blue food colouring the water droplets evaporating and filling up the cloud. We observed that as the cloud became heavier and heavier the food colouring began to seep through the shaving foam and slowly drop down into the water, showing us how rain clouds are formed and how rain falls.