Year 4 Competition Winner

Congratulations to our Year4Z student, who has won the January competition in the educational magazine, Saghtar.

Andreas Bray, has been subscribing to Saghtar magazine on a monthly basis. Apart from reading the interesting articles within, he loves taking part in the embedded competitions.

Andreas loves Saghtar, especially when it comes to the short stories and articles within. He has been exposed to crosswords from a very young age and he absolutely loves them. And so, a crossword with a competition attached was just ideal!

This online magazine was sent by Ms. Mallia to junior School parents earlier in the year.

The content of this publication can be used as a source of information and entertainment activities.

The older boys can even access this magazine from the school tablets.

All past editions of this magazine from 1971 are also available on the same website- so it may even be interesting to look at past topical events.


The new online version of Sagħtar is being published monthly and it can all be translated to English or Maltese at the touch of a button…very clever!