Year 5X - Cross Curricular Lessons

Wednesday 7 October 2020

In Year 5X, one of the first tasks the boys were given, amalgamated an Art lesson together with an English creative writing lesson. The boys were initially asked to draw what comes to their mind when they hear the word 'Coronavirus'. The following day, after they had completed their drawing, it was time to interpret their own drawing and write down what it represents and how this entire situation is making them feel. The boys did superbly in this task and below are the of their pictures and write-ups.
Ben Cassar Torregiani

My drawing shows the before and the present. Before COVID-19 we could socialise freely and I could play with all my friends whenever I wanted to. Now we have to social distance. “QUARANTINE” is a word that I associate with COVID-19 – I drew a corona ‘prison’ because you have to be quarantined if you have the virus and it is like being imprisoned in your home to protect others. Lastly, I  drew a picture of life today of people social distancing – the 2m distance is like an invisible barrier protecting us from the virus and if this barrier is broken you might catch the virus. COVID changed the world…for the better or for worse? We don’t have a clue! 

Julian Swain

Before COVID-19 we were so different. The world was a better place, a safe place. This virus changed everyone’s life and peace of mind. People were dying, and still are, normal day to day things were limited because of lock - down. Every one had to stay inside. I personally had to separate from my mum because of her work as a pharmacist front liner. I missed my friends and my school. On the other hand it helped us to appreciate life more and to be more careful with respect to hygiene and sanitisation. Co-vid 19 taught me that health is the best wealth and no amount of money can buy you out of this. We just have to unite together and co-operate with the rules to keep each other and the vulnerable safe.