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Colourful Villages - Last week's art topic

Colourful VillagesThis Week’s Art TopicMonday 30 March 2020One of this week’s art tasks involved drawing a COLOURFUL VILLAGE. Students were taught how to draw 2-D houses and 3-D houses using lines and shapes.  They also learnt the definition of folk art as a cultural form of expression.  So many students created interesting villages full of

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The Secret to Change......Building the New

The Secret to Change……Building the NewSaturday 28 March 2020Dear Readers, “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – SocratesYou have now read the most important part of this message, no need to read further!It’s all a bit mad, isn’t it!I’d like to

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How are our students coping in the current situation?

How are our students coping with the current situation?Friday 27 March 2020Below are a some reflections from a few of our students from the Junior School section. These give us some insight and perspective of how our students are dealing with the current situation and how it is effecting them on an emotional, social and

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IGCSE Examinations Update

IGCSE Examinations UpdateFriday 27 March 2020Dear Students and Parents,I hope this email finds you well. Please find attached an official communication from Cambridge to all students who intended to sit for their IGCSE exams this session. As a College, we are duly following the instructions provided by Cambridge to ensure our students receive a fair and recognised assessment

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Understanding Their Emotions

Unerstanding Their EmotionsFrkiday 27 March 2020Dear Parents,It’s now been 2 weeks since the closing of College and hopefully we are all starting to settle down into some form of routine. I am sure that the early years students have now grasped that this situation is here to stay for some time and will need some

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Year 7X Registration Blog

Year 7X Registration BlogThursday 26 March 2020Ms Rebecca Galea, the class tutor of Year 7X has created a registration blog for boys to check-in and be present for registration in the morning. The aim of registration in the morning to not only to register if the boys are present or absent but to also allow them

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Reducing children's fears in the face of COVID-19 (video)

Reducing children’s fears in the face of COVID-19Thursday 26 March 2020Mary Gordon, Founder/President of Roots of Empathy, sends a message to all parents, all caregivers, all of us who care for children on how to ease children’s anxieties as they watch and listen to how adults in their lives react to the coronavirus pandemic.