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IB Sixth Form May 2020 Examinations

IB Sixth Form May 2020 ExaminationsMonday 23 March 2020To our IB Students and Families,The International Baccalaureate Organization has announced that the May examinations for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and Career-related Programme will not be held this year due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. As an organization, it is critical for the IB to ensure that

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Guide to Successful Distance Learning

Guide to Succedssful Distance LearningMonday 23 March 2020⚡️🄰🄻🄴🅁🅃 ⚡️The St Edward’s College Student Council came up with a guide to carry out successful distance learning. Thank you to the students involved who worked together to put these guidelines together representing the student voice. 🗣

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Year 8 House Tutors Blog

Year 8 House Tutor BlogMonday 23 March 2020Year 8 House Tutor BlogThis morning Ms. Malani and Ms Abela, our Year 8 house tutors launched a blog for their students. They are their House Tutors and every morning they are used to seeing the boys and briefing them for the day. The main aim is to

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Marathon Not a Sprint

Marathon Not a SprintSaturday 21 March 2020Good Morning All,As I have been emphasising. This is a marathon, not a sprint – we will not continue with the pace nor the amount of work.Hang in there parents, a reasonable balance is imminent!This Monday SMT will review all input, from teachers, parents (thanks SEPTA reps) and students.

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Understanding, Support and Direction

Underdtanding, Support & DirectionFriday 20 March 2020Good Morning Parents,I am receiving much information from all stakeholders, parents, teachers and students regarding how we are all doing. Lots of great ideas, some tinged with anxiety and frustration which is understandable.Most are happy, others are not! Do not despair!A couple of points;• The pace that you all

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Note of Encouragement from Ms Rizzo Naudi, 5Y Teacher

Note of Encouragment by 5Y Teacher, Ms Rizzo NaudiFriday 20 March 2020Dear Parents,It’s been a week already, and what a challenging one it has proven to be!  Yet, we have managed to come out trumps; well done all!  From now on, matters can only improve as mistakes are not likely to be repeated.Speaking for myself,

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Your Head Space

Your Head SpaceTuesday 17 March 2020Good Afternoon All,This is a settling in period as with all new systems/approaches/ideas/procedures … there will be a ‘settling in period’.As Douglas Adams in ‘ The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy ‘ wrote, printed in BOLD, at the back of the book wrote’DON’T PANIC’.This current situation is a marathon, not a

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Business Insights: Joshua O'Cock

Business Ingishts: Guest Speaker Joshua O’CockMonday 15 March 2020During the very last school day, before the Covid lockdown, the 3rd session of the Pilot Business Insights Project was held with the kind participation of Mr Josh O’Cock, the CEO of Growth Gurus. Students form both the Senior section and the IB section were invited. Mr

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Constant Support

Constant SupportMonday 16 March 2020Good Afternoon All, Three weeks ago we first started planning for the current situation. You will receive links shortly but below is something that some of you will appreciate. Ms. Amanda Grech, Student Support, has already had open talks with staff – the main message is that fear is a natural survival