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Learning activities

Learning ActivitiesFriday 6 March 2020Within our nursery and KG classes learning activities take many different forms. We target a number of skills which are not necessarily always linked to letters and numbers. These activities are just as beneficial and important to us and our pupils. Turn taking, personal space, respect, sitting tolerance, sensory awareness, attention

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Maltese Hedgehog SOS – Year 6Y

Maltese Hedgehog SOS – 6YFriday 28 February 2020In Year 6 in our Social Studies and Current Affairs class, we have started to look at Maltese history, symbols and culture. It lead us on to thinking about protecting and preserving things which are special and traditional to Malta.There are 17 different species of hedgehog around the

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Headmaster's Weekly Message # 21

HM’s Weekly Message#21 Friday 28 February 2020Dear Parents and Community members,Filming crew at St Edward’s College L-Ispettur Bonnici Based on the book written by Mario Philip Azzopardi L-Ispettur Bonnici sees Mario Micallef, in the role of L- Ispettur (Inspector) Bonnici in a drama adapted for TV by PBS. The work was originally presented as a play at

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The Weekly Calendar for 2 Mar - 8 Mar

This Week’s CalendarMonday 2 March 2020 – Sunday 8 March 2020Events This WeekMonday 2 March 2020Class photos – Year 4X, 4Y, 4Z & 6YYear 9 Biology students outing to Foresta 2000 – 08:45 – 13:00Tuesday 3 March 2020Class photos – Year 5X, 5Y & 6XJunior School mass – 08:40 – 09:20Wednesday 4 March 2020SEPTA EGM,

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Sailing Success

Sailing SuccessFriday 28 February 2020Last weekend two of our students, Benjamin Vassallo in Year 8 and Timmy Vassallo in Year 6 took part in the sailing race Bper Banca Crotone International Carnival Race. The race took place over 4 days where Benjamin placed 16th overall (of 211 sailors) and 1st Maltese entry and Timmy placed 29th

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Extra Lessons of English as a foreign language

Extra Lessons of English as a foreign languageFriday 28 February 2020A group of six keen and ambitious Chinese students still haven’t had enough of studying English on a daily basis. They are so motivated and eager to improve their skills that they joined extra English classes which are held every Wednesday after school. However, improving communication

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Fun with Fractions in Year 3Y

Fun with Fractions in Year 3YFriday 28 February 2020In order to identify 1/2s, 1/4s, and 1/8s and realise how many of each make a whole, the boys were given coloured strips of paper showing 1 whole. They were asked to fold their strip into quarters. We agreed that they could fold the strip in half and

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Year 1X – Exploring fractions

Year 1X – Exploring fractionsFriday 28 February 2020Year 1X have been enjoying using our numeracy resources to explore the concept of simple fractions. Armed with flashcards and fraction supplies the Year 1X boys have played a number of games to better understand, in an age appropriate manner, this concept. We believe that such activities played

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Creative Construction

Creative ConstructionFriday 28 February 2020Construction play is vastly found within KG classrooms as it provides the children with opportunities to develop their problem-solving skills, imagination abilities, physical development and thinking skills. There are no limitations to what a child can come up with when given adequate resources to create. Our students in KG2Y Bears absolutely