Off to a flying start

And back to school they go: off to a flying start, our pupils and students. The first day of Michaelmas term is always hectic and exciting at the same time. For the parents new to the college, this period is quite stressful since they would be anxious to see their children off to a happy start. We understand this and we at St Edward’s assure them that their little ones will be cared for diligently and attentively. For we know that, no matter how old their children are: tiny tots or strapping lads, they will always remain their ‘little ones’.

This year Covid restrictions have largely remained in place, with some minor relaxations. Since the co-operation between the college, the teachers and the parents worked so well last year, the adaptations this year were largely painless. They are tried and tested methods, in full conformity with the directives of the Health Authorities. Last year we passed with flying colours, this year we should do the same.

Earlier in the week, the college was a hive of activity when teachers participated in a two-day Personal Development course. This came after a two-day induction course for new teachers. These days are important not simply for their content but also because they provide the teachers with a healthy forum for discussion and exchange of views. The school days are normally so intense that fruitful exchanges of ideas and observations can hardly happen and PD days are the right time to share good practices and ideas.

There are other innovations on the horizon, one of which will relate to a school periodical. However, we’re going to keep that for another post, if you can contain your curiosity!