Headmaster's Message

Monday 16 June 2020

Dear Community Members, 


I have just come out of our Year 13 Graduation. Graduations are always emotive affairs, for everyone. Students realise that ‘this is it’, teachers feel so proud of all their charges. We genuinely miss our students, memories of dragging them to and through deadlines, apologies from students who were ‘naughty’ during lessons. Appreciation for the way that staff encouraged and developed the students characters, the emphasis of St Edward’s ethos and values. All students have grasped that we were, at all stages, driving home our mission statement.

Exemplary citizens placing a strong emphasis on;

  • Character formation
  • Genuine intercultural understanding
  • Leadership skills
  • Contributing to the well-being of society.

This morning’s ceremony was one of the most poignant and emotive I have ever attended. To see all teachers and students again, a community and as one student speaker described us, ‘… my second family …’

It is at moments like these that all the conflicts, challenges, difficult conversations, fade into insignificance. The past is where it should be, in the past. As a teacher you feel immensely proud of the students, we all invest our energies and emotions into them, to have that recognised by students and appreciated by St Edward’s graduates means a lot to us as educators.

A special mention to Mr. Jolen Galea, (we actually sent, at the push of a button, individual certificates to the students during the ceremony) and to Mr. Sebastian Sinisterra, Year 13 student, for pulling it all together.

Many thanks to the class of 2020!


Next up are other graduations and Holy Communion.

More information as soon as we can.

From a very proud Headmaster
Mr Nollaig Mac an Bhaird