Withdrawal Policy

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This policy is valid for all registered applicants or students.

If parent/s or guardian/s wish to withdraw a registered applicant or student from the College, a minimum of a two months’ notice from the beginning of the subsequent term must be given by email to the Admissions Office of the College. If such notice is not given, a full term’s fee, applicable at the time for the particular registered applicant or student, shall be due and the College reserves the right to proceed against defaulters according to law. If acknowledgement of notice is not received from the College within two weeks from date of email, parent/s/guardian/s are advised to contact the College admissions department for confirmation that notice has been received.

Provided that if an initial application is registered within two months from the start of the subsequent school term, notice of withdrawal must be given within seven (7) running days from the registration of initial application. In default of such notice, payment of one term’s fee shall by due and the College reserves its rights as stated in the previous paragraph. For the sake of clarity this proviso and the previous paragraph shall be valid also for new applications.

Provided further such two-month notice period as described above and the notice mentioned in the proviso above must be adhered to, as the case may be, when a request is made to move a registered application forward to the next scholastic year. If the above-mentioned notice periods, as the case may be, are not adhered to, a full term’s fee as described in the two preceding paragraphs, shall be due. 

For the sake of clarify the College states that where a student is withdrawn from College during the course of the scholastic year, and this is done without notice as indicated above, the fee for the whole current term, within which the student is withdrawn, will be due. There will be no refund of fees for the days which the student has not attended school.

After a suitable period of consultation, the Headmaster reserves the right to give two months’ notice to parents that they should withdraw a student who consistently, through lack of ability or effort, fails to make satisfactory progress in the available courses and whose inadequate response, in the Headmaster's opinion, is having a negative effect on the student and others.