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Focusing on Physical Skills

As from their first years at College, our pupils are introduced to their first organised physical activities and play. We focus on locomotor skills and self/space-awareness. Through means of gymnastics and structured games, our students are helped to discover how to move, balance, jump and hop together with other basic movement patterns.

Sports Disciplines

In Years 4 and 5 the students improve their skills through a variety of sports disciplines; a process which is continued throughout the Middle School. In the latter, the boys encounter a wide range of sports through which they improve their more advanced motor skills. Hockey, Baseball, Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Handball, Touch Rugby, Tennis and Athletics all contribute towards the improvement and implementation of our programme. At this stage we introduce 'School Team' training sessions. It is in the Middle School that pupils are given the opportunity to further improve the sport they like most by joining one of the college teams. Inter-school competitions take place on a regular basis whereby boys are given the opportunity to compete against other schools. This, together with the Inter-house competitions, positively channels pupils' innate ability and need to compete.

Fitness Screening

In the Middle and Senior Schools, the boys pass through a 'Fitness screening' programme where speed, power, endurance, reaction time, coordination and anthropometric measures are identified. Students are encouraged to master the sport in which they can maximise their potential. At this stage boys are once again exposed to variety of decision-making situations. These help them to master their motor skills and apply them in simulation games.

At IB level, sports forms part of their 'Creativity Action and Service' programme. Students participate in a sport of their choice for a set number of hours. Coaching, guiding others and/or actually practicing the sport will be an integral part of the CAS programme.

Head of Sports
Mr Paul Ferrante

[email protected]