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Making the Right Choice

At St Edward's College we appreciate how important choosing the right school for your child is. Which is why we take the time to meet with each family individually to better understand the needs of the student and tailor to your child's needs. We encourage parents to come to the school and get a feel for the warm atmosphere amongst the staff and students. 

Our heads and senior staff are also available for meetings should the need arise. Our Admissions Department can easily be contacted to set a convenient time and date for a visit. We look forward to welcoming you to St Edward's College. 

Admissions Department

How to join us

Should  a family want to enroll their child, they firstly need to know from which age they wish them to start. This will help when assigning a student to a scholastic year.

Once this is established, parents must inquire about availability with the Admissions Department and will be guided to fill in the online application form.

A number of supporting documents must be submitted like:  

-  a copy of the child's passport or birth certificate

- a copy of the parents' passport (in the case of an international application)

- a copy of the vaccination card 

- academic reports from previous schools (in case of Junior, Middle or Senior School applications)

Admissions Policy

A full Admissions Policy may be downloaded from here

English language is the language of instruction at St Edward’s College. A command of the language allows students to access the curriculum and hence be successful. Consequently, as part of our admissions policy we require the following.

Early Years and Junior School (age 2 – 10)

When enrolling students for our Early Years (age 2 – 6) language or academic requirements are not necessary.

  • We believe that a student will pick-up the language and skills they need through interaction with other students and exposure to the English language in class.

In the Junior school classes (age 7 – 10)

  • Basic English language skills are required in order to be able to follow the lessons.
  • In the younger classes, academic skills like knowledge of the English alphabet and the ability to form the shape of each letter and number would be required.
  • In the older classes of Junior school, a more proficient ability to read and communicate in English is required.
  • Maltese language is compulsory for students who have been in Malta for more than 2 years.
  • Maltese as a Foreign language is a compulsory subject for all international students.
Middle School and Senior School (age 11 – 15)
  • The last school report must be submitted.
  • The standard achieved in the use of the English language will be determined by the accredited certification (see below) or by internal assessment or both. 
International Baccalaureate Diploma Sixth Form (age 16 – 18)

Students enrolling for the IBDP Sixth Form course:

  • Will undergo an entry interview by the Head of the Sixth Form.
  • The interview can either be done face-to-face to via Skype.
  • Applicants must also send a copy of the latest school report and also a certificate indicating the level of English.
  • 6 passes in International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSEs) or 6 Secondary Education Certificate (SECs)
Language Requirement Guidelines